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Your A/C Tech

Air conditioners are one of the biggest consumers of energy, so you want to make sure yours is the most energy-efficient it can be. Even a very efficient air conditioner will perform as badly as an inefficient one if it isn’t installed or maintained correctly. Don't be a victim of a poorly installed or maintained HVAC system.

At Arcadia Electric Company craftsmanship is still alive with professional employees that care about your home, your power bills and your comfort.

Your Electrician

There are so many reasons as to why electrical repairs should not be attempted by the average homeowner. Be it a fault with the electrical system or appliance, always contact licensed electricians to examine and repair the problem. We are a full-service electrical contractor that serves customers in the Desoto County area. Our highly-experienced electricians will always provide punctual and courteous service and get your electrical system back up and running in no time, so contact us today!